October 22, 2021



Powerful women magic spell rituals that work instantly

Powerful women magic spell rituals for love bring peace and happiness to the heart. Being powerful rituals that use the energies of the good, some simple ingredients and. Above all, the very faith and positive intentions of those who perform it. The success of easy magic spells depends on how much emotion, feeling, and faith you put into it. That is, you need to believe vehemently in the magical work, for only then. Will the forces of the universe act in your favor to fulfill your desires.

Have your love back or conquer that person you both love with a mystical spell of love that I will teach you next. Remember that before performing a love spell, I recommend that you prepare esoteric baths for cleansing, purification and protection. 

Powerful Women Magic Spell rituals For Attraction And Seduction

Conquer the man of your dreams with this powerful love spell. You will need the following ingredients, all very simple to find. Six red roses (the most beautiful you can find), two tissue bags, filled with cloves and cinnamon. And two incenses with essence of clove and cinnamon.
The seduction love spell must be performed on the last Friday of the month. And on the bank of a clear river or on the ocean’s edge, as it will be an offering to the great Mermaid Queen of the Sea. When you are ready, you should offer her Three of the six red roses and one of the teabags. Containing carnation and cinnamon, saying in faith the following words:

O great and mighty Mermaid Queen of the Sea, the most beautiful of all mermaids, teach me the secrets of seduction and conquest. May these roses, carnations and cinnamon make me more beautiful and seductive, as beautiful and seductive as you, Mermaid Queen of the Sea. “

One of the remaining red roses should be tucked away in your purse, along with the other clove and cinnamon sack. The other two roses should be placed on an altar or shelf. Along with the incense of clove and cinnamon lit. if these powerful women magic spell rituals doesn’t work for you, please contact me so that I can cast it for you.

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