October 22, 2021



Love chants for crush are the most effective spells you can perform and then have the crushing fall in love with you instantly. This is a powerful love ritual to help you attract the best partner for your love life. It brings those strong love energies never seen before and I can assure you that person will accept to love you.

More still, a chant is like a song or words that can be taken but the difference is that this process alot of powerful spiritual energies. Hence never say a chant to someone you don’t love because it might affect him or her to be obsessed with you.

Love chants for crush to fall in love with you

A crush is someone you adore so much, that person you have true feelings for but you have not talked about it. In most cases, the crush will notice your feelings but due to certain conditions like;

  • He or she might be in a relationship
  • He might not feel the same way you do
  • The affection can be of mixed feelings.

Despite of the above if I perform this ritual just be well assured that everything will turn into your favor. As seen in the following;

  • He or she will want to break up with the current partner for you.
  • Due to the spell, his or her feelings will be boosted so that he has the urge to love you.
  • Expect strong obsession and affections after this ritual.

How to cast this spell

For this ritual to be effective you will need the following;

  • Name of your crush
  • Picture of the crush
  • Rose petals

To begin with, you need to find a sacred room and if possible if you know the name of your crush. It is better you use it as you light the candles and chant his or her names to call them.

Similarly, after lighting the candles then make sure you chant his names 20 times. As you light the incense make sure the candle illuminates the room. so that you will be able to send the vibration or energies towards your crush.

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